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I am an interdisciplinary artist based in Hull, employing many materials and processes as appropriate to the concepts and situations I explore.

I undertook my BA(hons) at Hull School of Art & Design, and completed my MA in Fine Art Research & Practice at Sheffield Hallam University in June 2016. I have been involved in Arts Development and creative community engagement since 1999, both managing and facilitating projects, and this contact with diverse communities informs my personal work.

Using found objects is a big part of my practice. Walking and searching, I collect overlooked and discarded items, serendipitously picking up bones from the moor, or gas-taps, lenses, and texts from rummages through boxes at car boot sales. I select both according to appearance and to the symbolic connotations that the artefacts might have in the narrative I explore in a particular territory of place, history, or thought. I re-appropriate the objects, arranging them as boxed assemblages or sculptures, giving shape to theoretical or emotional concepts. Sometimes the found object is cast in new material or in multiple, in a reproduction that represents an idea in a new and curious form. I also make artist books, usually as printed multiples, to further explore the ideas and present the research.

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